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Friday, 23 March 2012

walk away from timeshare-Timeshare Elimination Exit Plan

About Timeshare Elimination Exit Plan Can't Sell your Timeshare? Want to get out of timeshare? Been trying to sell and no takers? Need some free help to try and sell it yourself? Timeshare Elimination Exit Plan, STEP, can get you a new owner if you finally give up trying to sell, then you are off the hook, no more fees or hassle, no liabilities left for your family. At Timeshare Elimination UK we will give you free help and advice to try and sell your time-share yourself, by e-mail or phone. If your timeshare has any value at all you are the very best person to sell it. Firstly you won't be competing with thousands of other weeks on a dusty database at a resellers office, waiting for the phone to ring with that "guaranteed big buyer". Selling it yourself means that you can compete head on with any like for like ownership and we will show you how you can do it free. If you sell it we don't ask for any commissions or fees, but would appreciate any praise out there on the blogs or a testimonial! If all else fails on the selling front it is comforting to know that the Timeshare Elimination Exit Plan is there as a safety net. If you are really in a trench and need bailing out, then our Timeshare Elimination Exit Plan will find you a new owner, though you won't get anything back for it, but will be free of the liabilities. There are one or two timeshare types and resorts that we won't accept as they are simply bad news, but we accept or turn down applications usually within 24 hours Want the free advice to sell time share? Call us on 01492 643203 or email or see the Timeshare Elimination exit plan at Good luck in selling the timeshare and remember our advice and help is free.