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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Consultants EU timeshare scam

Consultants EU Timeshare, Resale offer Scam 

Another upfront fee scam resale company from Spain has started cold calling UK timeshare owners, this time by the name of Consultants EU

Have you been cold called by a Jane Clark from Consultants EU to talk about your timeshare being for sale?. following a presentation explaining they have buyers for your timeshare?.
After the “verbal” offer on the phone, Consultants EU sends out the paperwork by email, where they kindly explain all the “ins and outs” of the sale and also the fact that they need to request an upfront fee as a guarantee the seller will not pull out of the sale.Which timeshare owner would want to pull out of a sale where he is going to receive thousands of pounds for his membership?. Consultants EU do not have a website,as one would expect from a scam resale company. Consultants EU give a bogus address as:
Shamrock Quay
William Street
S014 5QR
Virtual telephone number (not listed with BT)
Have been contacted by a Jane Clark from the above wanting to sell your timeshare? if so place a comment on our blog to warn other timeshare owners of this resale scam.